Group strategy

ARB's growth and expansion strategy is focused on the following elements within each devision:


  • Expanding the branch network through:
    – new store openings;
    – strategic acquisitions;
    – the new distribution centre at Lords View;
  • Expanding its range of products through the introduction of new products or the acquisition of complementary businesses, such as CraigCor; and
  • Leveraging niche product offerings through our national distribution footprint.

  • Growing through acquisitions where value creation and synergistic opportunities exist;
  • Increasing market share through the expansion of our customer base;
  • Broadening our product offering to new and existing customers, including:
    – the electrical accessories sector (switches; sockets; double adaptors; cut cable; wire and extension leads; etc);
    – selling Crabtree products directly to retailers; and
  • Expanding into Africa with local logistics partners.

  • Diversifying the division through the acquisition of trading and distribution businesses in related industrial/consumer products sectors; and
  • Expand the Xact ERP Solutions customer base.

15 August 2019

ARB reports revenue up to R2.7bn, with new businesses contributing to growth more

15 August 2019

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